Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update....After forever.

Where to start....Lets go by months since I have slacked so much with this blog.

My birthday month! I honestly don't remember too much from it besides my bday which was awesome. I had a small get together with about 10 friends and ate a ton! I made sangria for the first time and think I would have done my Aunt Sonja proud. I also made cornbread and my famous spinach artichoke dip. Which was devoured in like 30mins. My friends all brought food too. One thing about living here now is that I have soo many international friends. My Brazilian friend brought Caipirinha(?), my Italian friend brought baked pasta, my French pals brought tiramisu and french wine.
And not expecting to get anything I got not one but two presents: Andy got me Död Snö on dvd! (Norwegian nazi zombie movie with swedish sub) And his parents got me an awesome new computer! My old one was...well old and slow and had viruses and not enough RAM etc. So I was so super effing happy when I saw it, I almost cried.

I was super excited about having Halloween in Sweden. Bringing it to a country that doesn't go all out for the holidays. I didn't even see a fake spider or pumpkin anywhere. But there was a trip to Italy and guess when the departure date was? HALLOWEEN!

Well I was in this place called Potenza for a conference. It was a week long. We first went to Napoli, which is basically the hood. Like for real for real, straight ghetto. We ate a ton of food, sometimes the food wasn't that great. Because we had such a big party and went to small mom/pop pizzerias the pizza we normally got would get burned which sucked. But in Neapels we walked into a tiny corner restaurant and the dude whipped out 5 custom wood baked pizzas in like 3 minutes. We went to this place called Matera, its history goes back to 600s AD and we toured the old town where the homes were built into the cave homes. It was great. That's pretty much the only place I would go back to.

A couple weeks later Andy and I went to visit the states for a week. We were in Chicago for a couple days and it was awesome! I got to see a few of my friends who I hadn't seen since college. We ate out at Chicago Diner, which is one of my absolute favorite restaurants! It's all vegan and even Andy (hardcore meat eater) loved it. Then we were in Charlotte for the rest of the week with my family. He finally got to meet my mom and brothers. Mom loved him from the start, as I knew she would. My brothers were apparently surprised by him. I guess they thought he was going to be smaller than he is or something. Aaron said he looks like Thor when his hair is down and I thought that was hilarious because I think so too. Jordan was planning on trying to intimidate him, like every other guy that has come to my moms', but after seeing him he just leaned over to me and whispered "Dat dude big as hell". Yes...he is quite built now.

I got to see my doggie Peanut after soooo long! She remembered me and followed me and Andy EVERYWHERE. She really liked him which is good because next spring she is coming to Sweden to live with us. She's a pit bull and so she needs room to run and get that energy out. Living with my lazy ass brother and my mom who suffers from arthritis can't walk her. So I'm excited about her coming to live with us. But I am a bit worried about how she will be with the cows and horse and stuff. She's gunna go a bit insane with all the land. I can't wait to see that.
Here's a little video I made of her!

I got to hang with my friends! Especially my BFF Alyce! It was so good to just be in her presence. For real. You know when you're best friends with someone and they just get you? They know what you're thinking and can say stuff that will continuously surprise you? You know when you're best friends when just being around them makes you feel better? Not many people make me feel that way but Andy and Aly do. We all ate....a LOT. It was Andy's first Thanksgiving and mom did it up like the best black momma can. She made; fried chicken, ribs, turkey, ham, corn, cornbread, collard greens, potato salad, pumpkin-marshmallow casserole, two queso dip, three lemon pies, pumpkin pie, and a pound cake. All. By. Herself. My mom is a beast!

After we got back to Sweden I had literally one week to pass my final exam at SFI. I set up several study groups with students and split the subjects I needed to work on to different days. And guess what. I PASSED! Barely but damnit I passed! And I'm super proud, I worked so hard. And now that I passed within a year I get a bonus!

In the spring I found a photography studio whose photographer is pregnate and they needed someone to sub for her. I'd like you to note: 1. I studied photography for 7 years 2. Swedish maternity leave can be between 6 months to 18 months. So I have a job in a field that I studied for a good amount of time. And now that I am out of SFI I can go to college. And Swedish college for me is free since I'm a resident. Plus! Found a school that is within an hour away that has the program I want to enroll in! It's really perfect.

So at the moment I am working. Trying to improve my Swedish on my own, and failing a bit. As well as being completely obsessed with KPOP. I have no idea how it happened but I am on this hardcore kpop kick. I love love love it. And I love that all the idols are in the public eye and on variety/game shows all the time. I feel like I can get closer to them than the US pop stars of my childhood. I feel like western celebrities don't work as hard as eastern idols do. And I love the enthusiasm.

To Come...?
Well the holidays are coming up and I am making all the gifts I'm giving. They are heating bags made of wheat seeds that you pop in the micro for 2 minutes and it lasts hours. I made some for people in the states when I went and they all loved them and said that it was very useful.
Heading to a friend's tomorrow to see their newest puppy!
That's pretty much it.
Hopefully I will blog again soon!
Blessed be!

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