Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

The past week or so have been super cozy, or should I say lazy. I have been getting up at 2 in the afternoon and just reading by the fire all day. And I regret NOTHING! I love sleep, I love reading and I love watching the dime size snowflakes drift past my windows every day.

I have been cooking a lot too. I've realized that it's sort of an American thing thinking about food all the time. My meals are a sort of sun that my plans revolve around. It was the first year we hosted a Yule/Christmas diner in a place that is OURS. It was great, and entertaining, having the family over. I made bbq ribs, at the boyfriend's request, and my moms sweet potato pie. Everyone loved it. They ate the ribs with napkins and silverware though. They didn't really understand that you eat it better with your hands. And I thought it was hilarious watching them look cautiously at the pie and say "Sweet potato..?" and then take a bite and become wholly surprised that it taste nothing like potato. Everyone wanted more but there was none left. And I just smirked to myself thinking "LIKE A BOSS". I'm becoming a better and better cook. Which I have realized is extensively rewarding. I want to cook food that makes people happy and have them get excited about putting what I cook in their bellies.

On new years eve I made a chicken parm for the boyfriend and me, mine with veg schnitzel. And it was more than AMAZING but I think the boyfriend didn't like it much. He's apparently not into Parmesan. To which I was super disappointing. I didn't expect to actually feel circumvent over someone not liking what I make for them. I got over it eventually though. We watched the Swedish traditional New Years' poem thing that this old dude reads after a ton of singers do their performances. He's really into it too. I don't know his name but he wrote it a long time ago and reads it to all of Sverige just before the count down. His timing is good. We went out into the blistering cold then, 7 °F cold, and we watched the fireworks. Living on a farm in a town where you can see about 10 miles in all directions means we could see 4 different firework shows going off all around us. It was gorgeous. And the sky was unbelievably clear. I could see the milky-way and every constellation as if I were floating out there on my own. The fireworks looked like they were trying to transform into the stars that looked down from above. It felt magical. After a few minutes I brought Moshi, our cat, out to watch too. She was terrified at first but once she was in my coat and we all stood still she seemed to really like the lights. We stood there and watched for about 20 minutes. Making the new year a pretty good one! far anyway.

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