Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. But it'll be hard. While I was away from this blog I attended not one but TWO giant metal festivals. One was Getaway Festival my boyfriend won tickets to! I was so stoked because I didn't know if we could afford two big festivals and one of my favorite bands Sonata Arctica was on the bill. It was tough because standing for so long and nowhere to sit and then the walk into town, the bus ride to our bikes to get to Grandma's house to get to sleep to do it all over again was wearing me out. But when a good band came up I would get that adrenaline rush and become so aware of everything on that stage it was intense. There were so many bands I liked my phone ran out of battery juice by 5 every day so I missed a lot of picture opportunities. But here are some I did get.

Second was the all amazing, biggest metal festival in the world: Wacken Open Air! We left to fly down to Germany at like 4 am and arrived at Wacken at 4ish and got the tent set and went to look at the vendors and the wrestling tent. There's an area dedicated to the middle ages and Renaissance era. Here you can buy tapestries, kilts, and drinking horns as well as archery equipment, swords, and axes! Even if you're so shitfaced you can't see straight.

I got my first tapestry! It is black and amber and a celtic design of the tree of life. I love it.
I had a battery powered phone charger said it was going to work but it didn't so I only could take a couple pictures but I'm going to post a couple other pictures from tumblr I found so you can see how many effing people were there!

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