Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long time no blog!!

It has been months since I've blogged and I have no excuse for it! I feel a little ashamed I neglected this. Oh so much has happened I'm trying to keep it all straight.

Let's first talk about my garden.
I took out the spinach because I had a slight pest problem and apparently the pests only wanted my spinach. It was horrible. I feed them to the chickens and made space because my pumpkins started growing and grow they did! I thought at least a few wouldn't sprout but apparently every seed had to produce a plant 3 times larger than expected. I also didn't quite expect them to have spikes. They are not very large or super sharp but I can't handle the plants without gloves, that's for sure! And they have proceeded to attempt to kill everything else that comes near it.
The sunflowers behind it are long gone, and it has reached out across the garden bed to my cabbages, and even worse OUT of the bed to my pot of sage! I had to do a major trimming and found that it was also growing through a crack in the wall near it and growing into the basement. Invasive is an understatement. I just wanted pumpkins for Halloween and I get a plant that is basically screaming "I DO WHAT I WANT" at me every time I see it.
Cherry Tomato, anyone?
Also all of my tomato plants have grown, 3rd surprise! I love love love tomatoes so I don't mind. But The constant threat of the pumpkins and the fact that the tomatoes have grown so high is a bit concerning but I have amazingly tasty tomatoes now!
Delish giant tomatoes!

I have a cat now! We got him at 7 weeks old and he is now 4 months. His name is Moshi Lovegood.

We thought he was a she the first few weeks but once we realized it we just kept the name, cats don't care anyway, right? A friend who has a stray cat problem gave me one of the kittens on his property. He was such a nervous little thing when we first got him. But soon he learned the lay of the house and he and Andy bonded! Men. He follows me around the house and attacks feet. He's a little psycho. Climbing is now his specialty. And he's discovering it's okay with Mamma to kill bugs as often as possible so he's taking advantage of that as well. He's awfully cute, but that's his M.O. He lures you in with a promising look of snuggles and fluff but as soon as you even take a step he's gunna try and eat your fingers, bub! (except with me, I lay down the LAW)
Sleeping on the warm computer

Yesterday my Kindle came in the mail! Best Dad in the world bought it for me knowing I will lug an 800 page book and computer around in my purse without a second thought. I love it!
Killian LeKindle
I downloaded a ton of books and finished the novel "Lucinda, Darkly" today. I loved the story just hated the writing. The author just writes in a way thats not exactly... smooth. What should have been a 2 day affair turned into a 4 day relationship. I just found out 3 other series have new books I haven't read yet so I think I'll start those tomorrow. After PACKING! We have been packing for a few days now because later this week we are switching houses with my boyfriend's parents! It's exciting. A bigger house. More storage! A library/ritual room!!! So excited.

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