Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy National Viking Day!


So today is Sweden's National Day, which me and some SFI students call Viking day just because it sounds better. But since we all had a day off,we being the boyfriend and his family, we went up to the cabin to clean and have an outing. But before we left we went to a nursery and got a few flowers for the cabin and our house. The boyfriends mom had these at her house before we left and I love them because they grow all over and Lily's of the Valley smell amazing.

We all cleaned and I repotted the new flowers. After we had grilled lunch (veg schnitzel and roasted veggies= amazing!) It was a gorgeous day, tons of little sparrows were flying around, there was a crane just hanging out, and an owl not very far away hooting constantly. The view is great. We also found a couple baby birds, their nest was made in the pile of fire wood. When someone got close they would poke their heads up ready for bug-food.

After we looked at a property that had THIS for it's view...yeh seriously.

video of the amazing place....

Okay so once we got back I went to repotting the new flowers for the porch, a couple herbs The Boyfriend's mom got me, and new tomato plants (the once I have are just beefsteak tomatoes and they are still sprouts. So I got two more tomato plants, one plum tomato plant and a cherry tomato plant. I'm excited since the cherry tomato plant is said to produce about 500 tomatoes this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed most def.

Well that's pretty much all for the day, I'm going to go listen to Amon Amarth (viking metal) in honor of National Viking Day. I hope you all enjoy it also!

Stay awesome!

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