Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tried something new and things dying because of it.

I noticed a few days ago a few of the plants have been nibbled on. Swedish bugs are HUGE and I hate them all....HATE. They bite me, try and eat my food and now: they want my veggies. So I googled some light homemade pesticides. I found one that kept popping up on several sites and thought okay I'll do this one. It's part olive oil, part hand soap, part water. Good enough.
I sprayed my little babies down yesterday and they looked sooo good and shiny. But this afternoon, after a stifling and humid 77 degrees fahrenheit, I go to water the veggies and my radishes are practically destroyed. All the other plants are doing well, just my little radishes.

Which isn't too bad because I got the seeds on accident. The packet had drawings and I thought it was pink flowers. Nope. I don't even eat radishes. But apparently the bugs do because when I started pulling them up I saw something had munched away on the biggest radish. It was a disappointing but not too horrible that it made me feel like a failure. Now I can plant my sunflowers in their place! So that's a bonus.

A classmate has two kittens and once they're able to be away from their mamma, I get one! XD I am excited. I miss my dog Peanut but this lil girl will be my bonding buddy. I'm thinking of names but it's also a bad time for the family giving her away so I want to let them have time and not pressure about the kitten, and they are good friends.


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