Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well today we went down to Gävle, the closest thing to a city here. We needed to go to Ikea (YAY!) and see the Boyfriend's grandma and shopping. Before we went out we stopped by Grams and as we were driving down her street and there was some motorcycle fest going on. Like 60 motorcycles on this tiny ass street that turned into a dirt road. I wish I had taken a picture now because it was seriously odd.

When we got to grams we had fika (I just had tea and goodies) and I was looking at these flowers on the table. She said they were growing in the yard and she didn't know what they were. I had posted it on my facebook to see if friends knew it (they guessed, but guessed wrong)and looked around online for the name for like an hour, and FINALLY found it. Allium. It's really pretty round and purple, she picked them before they were full bloom but they still look gorg. I want some, they remind me of purple fireworks. :3

We shopped and I was happy. Got most of what I wanted; new pillow, tupperware, and pots from Ikea, body butter from the Body Shop, a new BIGGER tent for music festivals, and hair relaxer! Yes!!! I found hair relaxer for black women here... in rural Sweden. Ah, the smell of sweet sweet victory and potassium hydroxide! <3 I'm going to wait a few months because I have braids right now but after a few weeks; back to silky smooth baby.

I took a few pics and I have to say; two days, lot of growth! I have 5 more pumpkins sprouting up, 3 more tomato plants and the spinach, cabbage, and radishes have gotten very fluffy and green.

And then I took a few pics of other plants around the first is my sage. It's growing nicely now that I repotted it.

Next are some of the pansies, I think the cats are digging in them when I'm not around because I come home often and they look like they have been stepped on... with a big furry boot. lol Bad kitties.

Then I have a picture of the huge hedge that separates the yard from the driveway, it's all in bloom with these lovely purple flowers. I believe it is a persian purple lilac shrub.

And lastly is one of the pots of mixed plants, mostly poppies, a couple spinach seeds got in there and a few rosemary seeds also. It's gunna be an interesting bunch lol.

My lovely friend, David Salisbury will be giving me an international devination session tomorrow. I will try to record it (maybe) or at least do a little post about it. I had been thinking about starting runecasting. I am going to see if I can find some small tiles soon so I can make my own. Midsummer is coming soon, it's not a big thing in the states but it's huge here. It's a national holiday and everyone has bonfires, drinks (quite a lot if I say so myself), and have big feasts. I am very excited about it. I hope you are too! Anyway I'll be going to bed (enjoying my new pillow!) Blessed be!

Shine on! Hejdå!

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