Saturday, October 2, 2010

The wait...

Okay so I had gone to the Swedish consulate that was like three hours away. I don't have a car and so I had to take the like 7 in the morning. But since it has been raining a bit the tracks were a tad flooded so I didn't get there until 12:45. I was still on time thank goodness! I only brought a jacket in my rush to leave so early so I was freezing waiting for my return train at 5pm...which turned out not to be coming because of said flooding. So they put us on a bus which took us back to Charlotte two hours late. Needless to say I was pissed.
On the other hand it was worth it. The interview went very very well. I was so nervous because I didn't really know what the questions were going to be. But once I sat down with the interviewer it was more casual than I expected. It was great. Now all I have to do is WAIT!!! I hate waiting. But hopefully time will pass sooner than I think.
My birthday was Tuesday! It was fun, I had my friends all together and we ate at this place called Mac's (THE MOST EFFING INCREDIBLE FOOD YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA!) it's a biker bar and so some of us got a bit tipsy. It was fun times for everyone. Tonight a couple of pals are having a housewarming party, and I'm not sure I'm going or not. I kind of have been out all this week and kinda want to rest a bit.
Oh I just started playing Call of Duty. I suck at it but I'm going to get better with more practice I'm sure. My little brother is like INCREDIBLE at it. I'm jealous. When he's playing online I get on the mic and talk smack to the other players. HA! They hate the idea of getting beat by a girl. And I think it's so funny.
Oh speaking of funny. Everyone should check out SXEPHIL on youtube. Subscribe to him, he's hilarious! He talks about crazy things happening in the news and it's great. Just check him out.

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