Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On of those days

Lately I have been a bit down. Nothing is going the way I want it too. I've been thinking of going back to Boston until I hear from the embassy about my application. Maybe there is something in the cards for me. Oh yeah and I'm working on my Book Of Shadows, by the way if you don't know I'm wiccan. You can call him my mentor/father-witch but this is his blog and he's awesome so check it out! CaptalWitch Anyway, I think I'm a bit depressed. So I'm going to watch some Vampire Diaries to cheer myself up(Just started!)


  1. Thanks for your comment and for following me, :)

    I love that series!! :)




  2. Can I just say that my sister & I are TOTALLY obsessed with Vampire Diaries! We actually have phone conversations about it. Sad, I know. :)

  3. HA! totally NOT sad! It's great! None of my friends watch it so I've never experienced one of those phone convos but I wish I have. lol. I also have an obsession with True Blood and TON of friends that talk about it all the time.