Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wacken 2010!!

Okay well I've had such a bad/good time. It was just one of those things you HAVE to do and I did it. I went to Wacken with Andy and it was soooo insane!

Great Things at Wacken!
-You can camp where every you like
-The best bands are going to play and play for a good amount of time
-German style fries are with mayo and its so effing delish!
-You will meet other metalheads from all corners of the world!
-Even if you don't speak German you can communicate (english or half-ass sign language)
-There are a LOT of venders! That armour (vest or jacket with patches) you were looking for? They got it. The perfect goth necklace you were dreaming about? They got it. That band tee in a girly style you wanted? Yeh, they got it too.
-Wireless internet
-Phone application that gives you maps, band showings, signings, etc!
-The gift bag comes with a pancho!!!! It was greatly needed.
-There is a strong sense of unity. You like this song as much as me therefore you are my brother/sister and I will treat you accordingly. Its very powerful.

Bad Things That Can Be Avoided
-Feet hurting, get really comfortable boots and Dr. Scholls!
-Be prepared for weather changes as your tent WILL be very very far away. (In one day it was burning hot as a Texas summer then a few hours later raining cats and dogs and that night it had to be 38degrees.)
-Get a large tent! lol, Two people, air mattress, about 5 bags of stuff and sleeping bags? Uncomfortable in a 5'x6' size tent.
-Bring a lot of Euro!!! No cards.
-And pain meds!
-Remember batteries for your camera!
-Wetnaps!!! They are a gift from the GODS!!! You wont need to shower and the bathrooms and port-a-potties run out of tissue after a few hours!
-Take a plane!!! The bus ride will be LONG, uncomfortable, and the bathrooms are nasty.

Bad Things That Can NOT Be Avoided
-Large groups of drunk people! I have come to the conclusion that like douchbags drunk people congragate together and create a state of chaos which to them is super funny...but to others is not. Ex. pissing on other peoples tents. (now this did not happen to us, but needless to say I lost hours of sleep staying up watching for some dumbass to try...)
-The blazing hot sun, under it for 6 hours is NOT fun. Clouds are friends.
-Crowd suferers. First off let me say, I do love crowdsurfing. It's very fun...when done RIGHT! People if you are going to crowdsurf go to a location in the crowd that has MANY people packed closely together or you WILL fall through the cracks and bust your head or kick someone in the face.
-WALL OF DEATH! The wall of death is an interesting thing. The crowd splits in half and then runs at each other...yes. This happens but if you don't want in it, or pits, or anything move to the VERY front or the sides or back. During JobForACowboy there was a WOD and the organizers came out after they were done and told everyone no more WOD or Circle Pits...needless to say the entire crowd did it again. LOL. And at most of the harder bands shows there were Circle Pits, at which time the giant screens would say NO CIRCLE PITS PLEASE...HA! Yeh.
-Ditches full of piss. Guys believe EVERYTHING is a urinal apparently and piss in the ditches (which are about every 20 feet.) There will also be trash, throwup, crap, toothpaste, food, etc. Bring flashlights to avoid falling into them at night!!!

I really had a great time! Now that I know what to expect I'm going to do things differently next year. I'm also going to try and get my BFF Aly and my lil bro Aaron to go. Anyone who loves the music needs to go! It's unlike anything I have ever seen. I think its something like Woodstock but less...laidback. I really can't wait to do it again. I can't wait to see what bands will be playing. Tickets are already for sale. It's was awesome, it's going to be awesome, it's always going to be AWESOME!

(hahaha the look on my face is not because I was being squished. Andy just bumped in to me but I still love this picture.)

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