Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buried Bucket List

No perticular order, reason, or rhyme.
1)Ride Zip Line in tree tops
2)Flying trapeze lessons
3)Belly dancing on stage
4)Kiss Corey Taylor
5)Deliver a baby
6)Go to Burning Man festival
7)Vertical rock climb
8)Ride on a motorcycle
9)Ride in a hot air balloon
10)Try suspention piercing
11)Go to a European rave
12)Go to a shooting range/get a GUN
13)Visit a temple in another country and meditate
14)Go white water rafting
15)Run in a marathon
16)Grow a veggie garden
17)Start doing a craft (knitting/pottery/etc)
18)Write a book
19)Learn basic survival skills
20)Go skydiving
yeah so thats all I have so far...

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