Monday, July 26, 2010

I love Anders :)

I really do love this man. I think about it all the time. He's like no other man I know. He's beautiful and yet not cocky about it. He doesn't boost about how great his taste in music is. Or how strong he is. He doesn't TRY to be cool, he just IS. A lot of people try to impress others, with Andy it's just you get what's real. He is always honest to you. Even if that means it'll hurt your feelings. I never have been hurt by him though, it's always perfectly understood. He's the one person I can count on to tell me the truth. Truth without any judgement or harm intendent.
He's also the only one that thinks of all that I need and what I always forget about. LOL. This weekend he's shown me again and again how much I love him and he loves me. I hurt my knee and he got me a brace for it, meds, everything I needed and I him. Anyway. I just need to write it all out.

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