Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UPDATE: And Getaway Tour

Sooo its been a while since I had posted a new entry. But about two weeks ago we, Andy and I, had gone to Gävle to the 3 day metal festival Getaway Fest. We stayed at a small house on his Grandparents property. It was soooo nice. There's a potato field in the front and a lot of flowers, a side path down to the backyard (which is huge). There are large round trees outlining the yard and the river. There are TONS of flowers everywhere. Its just sooo...lovely. It was nice to come back to that every night after the chaos of the festival.
The first day we got a bit lost, we were trying to hurry and find where the entry was so we can catch Dark Tranquillity on time. AND we did lol, we came in about 5 mins before they hit the stage and it was awesome.
I haven't been EXTREMELY into DT but Anders is and I have to say they kicked ass on stage. Their lead singer was just so lively and it was like happiness radiated out of his skin. He smiled the entire time and looked at the crowd like a father looking at his newborn child. It was intense. I only knew a few songs but just seeing his preformance actually moved me. It was

After that we saw this band called Airbourne. They were from Australia and were very entertaining. Their music was pretty effing good. something along the lines of Mustasch, High On Fire, meets Megadeth. Classic heart pumping rock n roll. They were the max! They were dramatic and the singer was all wide eyed and sweatin'. He was so excited he climed up on the very tipy top of the stage and did his guitar solo up in the wind, seagulls were wizzing past his head. It was awesome. This is a picture is from that. You should be able to see a man up there lol. It was pretty epic. We ate and drank a bit. It was a lot different than in the States. You had to drink in designated areas and there was only ONE type of beer, wine, and cider. Kopparberg...I had cider for the first time. Well no not really. I had homemade cider at the Renissance Festival in North Carolina...and I hated it. So I figured all ciders taste like that. But Kopparberg has a pear cider and I was skeptical but Andy made me try it so I did and it was DELISH! It's now my new favorite alcoholic beverage. I had a few and was a tad tipsy by the end of the night. And I had Thai food, it was absolutely intoxicating to the tastebuds. I was so happy with it. I've noticed Sweden is to Thai food what America is to Chinese food. Quick, easy and everywhere. Yummy!

Then we ran to go see Deftones. I was really excited because I've really liked them since it was like in 7th grade. I rubbed it in everyones faces that I could that I was gunna see the Deftones and Motörhead and Cannibal Corpse and I could go on and on. But yeh, Deftones were everything I expected. They played Change (House of Flies) and it was just so emotional. I loved it. AND Max Cavalera from Sepultura...Soulfly...everything; came on stage with Deftones and sang with them. It was so nice. We watched Max's other band Cavalera Conspiracy afterwards and it was really good was just like Sepultura though. Basically the same band.

We ate and drank again and then watched a little of Megadeth and left early. My feet were killing me. THEN as we were walking the 2 miles to the bus stop my pinky toe nails were pulled back by my horrible Chuck Taylors. Andy literally picked me up and Piggy backed me to the bus stop. I love that man. He is so effing sweet. We got back at around 1 am and Andy took a dip in the river and we just hung out.

The next day around 2 we arrived to the venue. We saw Sonic Syndicate which was amazing. I'm a new fan, Anders' had been playing them for about a week before the festival. And I hadn't known they had a girl in the band...I was happy about that. She's the bassist and is really good. I admire guinuine female musicians in this genre. A lot of them just sell the sex aspect of it and really can't play and that just makes them posers and it makes me angry but Sonic Syndicate was really good. I told my little brother about them. It reminded me a lot of him.
After a few more ciders we went to see the band I was most excited about; Degradead. On of my absolute fav bands In Flames had said they were the next awesome band and so I checked them out last winter and FELL IN LOVE! I added them on Facebook and found out they are still really underground. I even had a few back and forth emails with the members and they are soooo sweet. And talented. And awesome! lol, it was a great preformance too, I was front and center.

We ate and saw a few other bands that we didn't care much for *cough* Overkill*cough* HAHA, and then Andy wanted to see Raised Fist. I hadn't heard of them but I'm happy I did see them because they were effing awesome! They're hardcore, practically Boston Hardcore but Swedish hahaha they gave a badass preformance too. I was so excited. They had FIRE! XD I was really glad about that. After was Mustasch. I really like Mustasch, they are so...badass. They pretty much embody badassery. It was a very good preformance too.

DevilDriver was next up. And they were a top band of the day for me. I liked them since I was a freshman. I was sooo excited so I went up front and Andy stayed to the side. It was AMAZING! I was so excited, and they played my favorites. And then they had told the crowd to open up to the biggest circle pit. Now normally when a band says that people who DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING think it's just a normal pit thats A circle pit is where you (and a LOT of others) run in a giant circle. And the Swedes know how to do it right!!! I was very happy at this point. HAHA!!! I did a little! By the way, it's a rule in moshing to help pick anyone who falls down up.
Later on in the night we saw Motörhead, who I also love. Lemmy is just such a manly man...and British. And I love how he sings, like a motorcycle with vocal cords. We were going to wait til the end for Mushuggah, very good band so check them out. But my toes still really hurt and I felt like I was going to puke so we went back to Grams'. I felt a bit bad because Anders really loves Mushuggah. I kept apologizing.

By Saturday I was sooo warn out. I normally just go to a show a night with about 4-5 bands. Or something like Warped Tour where it's a long day (9-10pm) and then you mend to your wounds in the morning...this is completely different. It's like Warped Tour three days in a row...INTENSE! Lördag we had to eat first...I was starving. And then we saw Deathstars. I had only known of them for about 4 years and kinda didn't like them at first but then that grew and grew and now I LOVE them! It's so cheesy and dramatic but it's so good. Their preformance was awesome! The vocals were turned down a bit too low though. It's a bit like Marilyn Manson meets Immortal.
After that there wasn't many good bands playing so we just drank and ate. The only thing I really wanted to see was Cannibal Corpse. And the wait was long and hot. I was just sitting down and eating next thing I know I look up and I see just...neck. I thought to myself "That's a big ass neck...a neck I recognize." Then he was walking away and I was frozen. Cannibal's lead singer Corpsegrinder walked right past me! I was speechless and freaking out! I could hardly think and as I was talking to Andy and getting my head straight again...I SEE HIM AGAIN! I tell myself "Nila, this time don't miss out!!!" I tell Anders to grab the camera and get ready. I asked him for a picture and he was so nice. And so big! Now I'm no Mini Mary, I'm a thick girl, but in comparisson to Corpsegrinder I was Tiny Tina. And look at that NECK! Hahaha! It's from all the headbanging. Once you see Cannibal live you will know. It is the most headbanging you will ever do OR see. It was awesome!

It was a great festival. I'm very happy with European shows and am excited about the others I get to see in the future. Wacken is the next one. I'm getting excited about going to Germany to see it. It's going to be 3 times bigger. It has gotten bigger over 20 years. It's expected to have a crowd of 75,000 this year. Last year 70,000 showed up and there were 75000 employees. It's a community I'm very excited about getting in touch with.

Well now I have been at this computer for a LONG time. I'm going to make lunch now. I'll post some more soon.
Love and rockets!


  1. Ha love this! Love you! Love your journey! woo, excited to see more pictures!!

  2. awww i love you babe! miss u!!!