Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So yesterday we went up to a lake with Andy's parents and dog King. It was amazing. Sooo calming, the air was warm, the water was cool, the sun was shinning! It was perfect. Not even many bugs! (I really hate bugs). I talked to Anders about one day getting a place like that. A summer home by water, maybe a lake or on the coast by the beach...or even in southern Europe somewhere. I think by the beach would be perfect since it would be soo different than here, mountains and lakes and fields. It would be a nice vacation.
I feel like I have sooo many plans on what I want to do in our future. Get the houst to start running on alternative energy (solar probably). Expand the back porch so it's enclosed and an entertaining space. Get a piece of fat burning work-out equipment, like a Nordic track or tredmill or something. Get a jaccuzi. LOL. All of it is so exciting. I can't wait.
Right now I'm waiting for a cassorole to get done and I think it's gunna be great. Andy is watching Spain vs. Portugal play for the world cup. He's a football fiend if I hadn't mentioned it before. Everyday...three games everyday since the beginning. He's also a HUGE Manchester United fan. I'm trying to get really into it but I've been getting annoyed with how long it takes to get a goal...and the bullshit players who pretend to get hurt. Umm HELLO! You have like 40 cameras on you! Stop playing around. It makes me angry a little.
We went on a long walk today after getting a much needed larger bed. I need to work out on burning more fat, but the food is going off so I have to go! Bye!

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