Thursday, June 24, 2010


So today Andy got a call from a couple of his friends that we should all get together for Midsommar, which is tomorrow. It's the second largest holiday in Sweden. And a holiday in Sweden means 'TONIGHT WE'RE GUNNA GET FUCKED UP!'(Katt Williams lol, Video Clip). So we needed to go to the store because it'll be closed tomorrow.
As we drive by I only see maybe 3-4 people in the store. But I was wrong...that was just the front. When we go in there had to have been about 40 people there. And it wasn't just a "Hey I'm going to get one maybe two bottles of wine and a couple beers" shoppers. It was "Hey let me just grab this box of vodka" shoppers(I mean the shipping box not like a box of wine). Or "Full the cart to the rim with beer and liquor" shoppers. I was giggling very loudly on the inside. I've never seen anything like it! Needless to say our cart was filled too, Becks and mixed drinks for me and Jager and Redbulls! It's going to be a good Friday...A good Midsommar.
Have a good day!!

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