Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kind of the Beginning...

We'll I decided today that my Swedish boyfriend and I should probably make a blog to record our relationship. I'm planning on moving to Sweden, you see. I'm American, the name is Nila. And Muffin is Anders(Andy). Anywho...I realized we don't have much proof of our relationship so this should help...I hope. And hopefully, it will help out others that are in a relationship with a Swede and planning on moving to this wonderful country. It helped talking to others who had gone through the process, let us know what to expect and what NOT to expect.
But enough of that. How about some background? Anders and I met on a metal dating site. Oh yeh we are metalheads, just FYI, lol. We just talked and talked and then decided 'What the heck! Why not make it official?' and deleted out account, and also a lot of emails from when we first started. So if you are in a long distance relationship just save the emails and stuff because that can be very helpful! lol anyway...
We talked via Skype and the phone every single day for several months, most of the time about 7 times a day lol. We made guidelines to help with the long distance issue; such as:
  • talk every day, no matter what
  • be completely honest, even if it may hurt the others feelings
  • be understanding of certain downfalls (He's a bit quiet, I'm NOT. I can be a bit immature, he is very mature, etc etc)

As well as a few others. After a few months Andy came to visit me in the USA. Boston to be exact, we spent about a week together and it was awesome to finally have this man with me and to be able to see his quirks and how he walks so perfectly swaggered, and how he fiddles with his fingernails when he gets bored, etc etc. Things that are absolutely priceless to me. The second time he visited me we were about 6 months into the relationship and I had decided to go back to Sweden with him and visit for three months in the summer. So here I am. It's an amazing country. I am out in the center of it, surrounded by nature and living on a cattle farm (or Ranch which ever you'd want to call it). It's nice being here. Great weather, for now. And the people in this town are so so nice. I'm still working on speaking Swedish and it's...well tricky. No, not the right word--It's just different. I suggest studying the language a bit before you come here. Some software programs and sites that will help are:

http://www.byki.com and http://www.livemocha.com/

Anyway, I'll just be writing about the day to day things here, every now and then something important. Like today was NOT important what so ever lol...I'm helping paint windows for Anders' parents' house and they harvested achers of grass into a Shiloh. Feed the hens. Played Brutal Legend, and finally got the tour bus out of this misty swamp place just to get into a stage battle with Ophelia. (If you haven't played and don't get it, trust me it is okay)Went to the gym kind of late, there were sooo many people there. I got kind of sick...Andy's driving is a bit, well let me put it this way...I never use to get car sick. Hahaha! We made Pad Thai for Thai Tuesday! Yes, we have themed meals. I'm a bit of a dork in that way. We watched FIFA and then the latest episode of True Blood, which was awesome BTW! I had talked with Anders because I lost my Zune and figured it was Saturday or Sunday and if I had wrote down all the stuff we did this weekend and on what day I could back-track and find it...then BING! Andy had the brilliant idea of me doing just that...but in a blog. (And he wants no part of it...just like him.) He thinks of everything I can't. Anyway, It's getting late so I'll post more soon.

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