Friday, May 6, 2011

Grow my little darlings, GROW!

All of my seed have sprouted now. The herbs have just popped up out of the ground the last two days. Especially my little sage-babies. I love looking at them, I've never seen sage other than the bundles of dried smudgers. I really like the fresh plant. It's silverish, I don't really know what I truly expected but I was still surprised when I saw it peeping up high above the dirt.

I am going to repot the basil soon. I think they will be a lot happier when they can stretch out and breath a bit more, don't you?

Well that is all now, I am really excited about them growing, I can't wait for this summer. Most of them will be grown and I will be stuffing my face with NOM NOMS grown by yours truly. Next is tackling repainting our little red cottage and then landscaping around. Yeah, I plan on turning this place into a dream Ms. Honey can't even conjure up!

Stay Awesome,


  1. Excellent! My basil is also sprouting up like crazy. Ill get some pictures up on my personal blog this week (
    Careful about repotting the basil soon. They start out having a shallow root system. Just take a great big handful and try to take most of the whole pot with it.

  2. @David, I know! I did that with my tomatoes and they all died :( I'm so sad about it, they were growing so nicely and you know I LOOOOVE tomatoes.