Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have been really enjoying the sunshine lately. Especially under my favorite tree, the apple tree. All the little birds hang out there and I give them my bread crusts and they fight over it (Unless the magpies come, those guys are mean and take all the bread). Now it is blooming and is sooo pretty. I love it so much.

It is also the tree I got my wand from. I was meditating and thinking about making a wand for a while and when I went to feed the birds one day BAM, this pretty twisting branch had broke off and was laying at my feet. I sanded it down, and had some wreath and craft material and wrapped the handle in it. I thought it would work a lot bettere to use natural materials and it works beautifully.

Okay so my babies are growing really well. These are the radishes, spinach, and the last one is one of the pumpkins. These were taken about a week ago so I will take new pictures tomorrow and post them. They have gotten a bit bigger and thats exciting.


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