Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have come to realize something is awakening and my path seems to be taking a slight turn. I don't rightly know where it will lead or what obstacles will come my way now. It might just be from spring awakening so quickly here; last week we had about 2 feet of snowfall and this week people are sunbathing and the Earth has started to stir.

I feel an urge to become that woman I see when I close my eyes. That strong, spiritual, passionate woman who has confidence and grace and balance. I have been thinking a lot about balance lately. The balance between the feminine grace, elegance and tranquility and the masculine strength, simplicity and animalistic ferocity.

This change has something to do with the balance I'm trying to find. And no matter what happens along this path I know the Goddess and God above are keeping an eye out for potholes and snags.

Love and rock,

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