Monday, February 28, 2011

Long time

So I have been mega busy. Well thats not the only reason I haven't blogged lately. I forgot my password and was having a bit of internet trouble but all is good and clear now!
So since my last post I have started my SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, classes. It was 5 days a week but now it's three (longer days, which nobody likes but the gov't says DO IT so we do it). And I love 1. having something constructive to do since I am unemployed 2. meeting people from all corners of the globe 3. LEARNING! If you don't know me and I am sure most of you don't I love school, I love schedules and having a great instructor guiding me along an unknown path to a new enlightening. So what have I learned? Well that I need a laptop with a Swedish keyboard. And that GRAMMAR IS SO HARD! It boggles my mind how to complete a sentence the way I want to. I talk like a 4 year old, maybe worse. I can write it out great, and read it better but pratar och lysnnar (talking and listening) is really hard. It doesn't really help that the region I live in it is common for people to mumble and blur the words together.
So anyway, since so many of the students are from places like the middle east and africa we go on a lot of field trips to show everyone Sweden. We have gone skiing at this awesome bed and breakfast up at the tip top of a mountain close by. It was awesome! Here are some pictures! Check out the resort, Skålsjögården.

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