Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sibling Pore Strips

Okay so the other day I was on youtube (so obsessed) and found this beauty channel by this chick and her diy stuff is like mega crazy awesome! I saw this video by her about how to make your own pore strips with unflavored gelatin and milk. I have always had a major pore/blackhead problem in my nose area and could never get it clean. I showed my little bro because he also has a big pore problem and was interested in trying it out.
I bought some unflavored gelatin at the store today and thought 'why not try it out?' It took like less than 12 minutes, and I have to say I didn't have very high hopes but OMG it worked WONDERS! The skin on my nose tightened and I saw ALL the dirt, oil, blackheads, and other bad stuff were GONE. I cleaned the area with some acne medicine and a cleansing moisturizer and my pores were like MEGATINY! It was Ba Nanas. I love it and so should you so check it out!

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