Monday, October 25, 2010


When I'm serious people think I'm a bitch. And when I'm just having fun they think I'm acting childish. And when I'm not doing anything and just chilling, I'm thought of as cold and boring. It's so frustrating when my emotions are completely misunderstood. I'm the type of person who doesn't care what others think, until people who know me misunderstand what I say and do. I don't really connect to my family, we are different people to say the least. And I hate the notion your family knows you best because in a lot of cases mine doesn't. It's just never going to happen. I don't like altercations and am a pacifist but when I do defend myself I get frustrated and that makes me flustered and I am unable to think coherently and I give up the argument for later. Typically bringing it back up in writing so I can get all I need to say out as well as organize all the thoughts that sprint around my head. I think that's why I like blogging. I can get things on my mind out without bugging people around me about things that I don't think they'll care about. (The reason there isn't many post about important things on here.)
BUT! One important thing is that today Andy called the migrationboard about the status of the residence permit application and they said he is going to be getting his paperwork to fill in soon! I think this is the last step. It's this or an interview and since They have enough evidence of our relationship I guess they don't need the interview and just papers. And I appreciate that. Andy is very good at many things, papers being one of them. (I am not on the other hand). Afterward, they shall look over the paperwork and send me notice of if I have been approved or not! I know this is the hardest part. I have heard that it can go by quickly, and that it could go by horribly slow. I am hoping that since it isn't in the Stockholm office they will get to it fast. I'm hoping for approval by Mid-January/Mid-February. LET'S HOPE!
Also, I'm currently SJUK! D: I hate being sick. I'm sure everyone DOES but I have sinuses that are disfigured so it hurts a lot more than the average person with a cold. And my father is visiting in a few days and I wish this gets better SOON! We had plans to go to this years Renaissance Festival, which I love, but yeeehhh I can't enjoy that if I'm all snotty and coughing and feverish.
Anywho, something on my mind today...

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