Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UPDATE Sept.8, 2010

So a couple weeks ago I rushed to the Swedish Consulate in Boston to turn in my residence permit application!!! YES! I had everything I could think of to turn in. It was hot and I took the bus as well as walked so when I showed up in the office lets just say I wasn't looking as professional as I wanted to be. I should seriously get my license and car mega soon. But anyway.
Its been only a couple weeks but I'm realizing the wait is the worst part. Everyday I think "Hope they call today to set up my interview!" Then I realize "Oh right, six to eight month wait...not six to eight WEEKS". I just hope I am ready and nothing goes wrong like they ask for more documentation, I can't think of anything else really besides Skype History (if anyone knows how to print that out please please PLEASE let me know!)
I miss Anders sooo much. It's so hard being away from each other now. I turn over in bed and expect to see his face laying there. But I just tell myself a few more months. Then I will be back home with my love and get to squeeze him tight in my arms. He's going to visit in November and I'm excited! Hopefully the apartment will be finished by then. I wish it were sooner.
I am going to Charlotte for my birthday to visit my mom and brothers and friends. I haven't seen them in almost a year! It's crazy but me and my little bro have gotten closer being farther away. I miss my friends a lot, having someone, ANYONE there to hang out or talk with at anytime. I was okay with being alone all the time before I got to live with Andy and now I'm completely hating being lonely. Its driving me insane. I also wish I could just step outside and go for a long walk or to the gym like I use to. Ehh, now I'm venting and rambling and I didn't mean to get into all that. Anyway that's all!
Thunder and Lightning!!

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