Sunday, September 19, 2010

Down to the 7-0-4

So I am going down to Charlotte until my Residence Permit is approved to go to Sweden. I miss my family, I miss my friends (a lot), I miss going out of my house without fear of being jumped, and I miss my doggie Peanut! It has been about a year since I have seen her. It makes me very sad.
Her now:

Her when we got her:

ha! I love that dog...she's been getting in trouble though. Getting in the kitchen and eating stuff she shouldn't. Silly dog. Well I am a giant Dog Whisperer fan so hopefully I will have learned enough from Cesar to keep her in a balanced state. I know a big part of her misbehaving is that fact nobody is walking her. Like at all. My brothers are lazy and mom has leg issues so she just runs around the house.

Anyway...I was reading another blog and he laid out the step by step process and time-line of his Resident Permit getting approved. It took exactly 5 months. And he brought a pet too. It seemed like half of the things he had to get done was getting the paper work for his cat rather than him. LOL. I hope I hear from the embassy soon.
I'm excited about seeing my BEST FUREND EVAH, ALY!!! lol We plan to go home drop my stuff off and then hit up TACOOOOO BELL!!! MMMM I haven't had any in like a year. I was addicted to their seven-layer burritos because they are vegetarian. AND EFFING DELICIOUS!!! I'm going to see all my friends and there are a lot of awesome shows playing in Charlotte soon. One of Aly and I's favorites is Bring Me the Horizon and they are playing soon. With Emarosa and This Is it. Aly and I saw them last year around the same time...sooo stoked!
Other than that I have to keep packing, which I have been dreading. I hate packing large amounts of stuff without any help. I get posting a new blog. Or watching Stan Lee's Superhumans. Or cutting my nails. Etc, etc.
Anyway check out BMTH.
This video is featuring the lead singer of Architects who was also playing the show with them last year. Amazing much:

Love & Metal,