Monday, May 2, 2011

Green Thumb? How about green ARM!

It's a long story so let me start with the beginning. I just wanted to grow a few herbs for my craft without buying online. But when I went to the store I got... well, out of hand. I bought a bit more plants than I thought I would get. I ended up with 28 flowers, vegetables and herbs. I'm talking tomatoes, pumpkins, rosemary, poppies, watermelon, spinach, sage, daffodils, cabbage, basil... the works!

Most of the seeds were so small I just put a lot of them in the same spot in their pots. I was so tired by the end of the day I had figured some probably wouldn't grow. I was wrong. Within a week seven pots began sprouting, a lot of sprouting. Especially my spinach, I had made a pot from a recycled glass container and they grew twice as big and twice as fast as the spinach in my terra-cotta pot.

Then last week I wake up on my day off to this loud banging. When I go outside I see my lovely bf and his Dad building me a gardening bed. Yeah, seriously, best boyfriend ever!

We live on a farm so we have plenty of compost and planting dirt for me to transfer all of my spouts. It took about 5 hours to separate them and replant. But it is looking great.
I talked to my friend David who told me I should keep updates of my lil green thumb via my blog. Great idea!
So today after several days of nice 70 degree weather it suddenly dropped and snowed off and on throughout the day! Good thing I have insulation on my plants. That's right people, I found old windows as well as housing insulation and am using it to keep my lil babies warm and cozy. I hope they are cozy enough. I was freezing today.
So here we are, my few but lovely readers. I will try and update here as much as possible. Hope all is well.
Love and rock!


  1. Squee :) I am so happy for you. Don't worry about your babies, they will be fine. We're having a crazy weather pattern here too and the plants are doing splendidly regardless. ((hugs))

  2. <3 you both!
    And oooh I wish the weather here would make up its mind! I was walking one day and it was gorg and warm and then 30mins later SNOW. Like seriously?!