Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

So I'm in SWEDEN!!! And extremely happy. But also so tired. My flight was insane, it started snowing in Boston really hard. So my flight was pretty late. Like an hour and a half. The plane was frozen and it had to be blasted down with hot water. Once in the air it was soo rough and bouncy I couldn't really relax. In Iceland they held all transfer planes so I ran to the next flight and it was a bit less bunpy but still pretty rough. Once I got here I met up with Muffin and we headed three hours north to Gävle to his Mormor (grandmother's) house. She was so excited, and I was too...but sooo sleepy. She made this awesome soup and bread and I was all warm inside I bout passed out!
But on the way home we passed through town and Muffin showed me the Gävle goat. It is the towns giant Yule Goat. Basically it is a giant statue of a goat made of straw. They burn it every Christmas. They have been doing it in town of Gävle for like 40years. Yule Goat wiki Apparently it's from the tradition of sacraficing a goat during Scandinavian Yule celebrations. The goat brought gifts to the children. And then it changed to Santa riding a Which is so interesting to me because in Germanic pagan religions the God brought presents and in Wicca he has horns. Also Santa looks like Odin...because Santa is PAGAN! It's true.
So anyway. The yule goat almost burned down because some idiots tried to ruin the holidays but a major fail whale named flame retardant coating intervined. So lets hope this year nobody vandalizes it. That would be nice.

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